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 Radio Interview: Hawaii and self determination


Kalamaoka’aina Niheu speaks during gathering at Windward Community College.

Note:  News story starts at 6:05

Native America Calling interview with Dr. Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua and Dr. Kalama Niheu |  Hosted by Tara Gatewood  |  October 7, 2016


Federal rule denies Hawaiians the right to rule themselves


By Mililani Trask  |  Honolulu Star Advertiser  |  October 6, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 7.32.51 PMFirst Friday Show: Protest Naʻi Aupuni and the DOI Rules

Host Mililani Trask with Guests Lehua Kinilau and Healani Sonoda-Pale |  ʻŌlelo Community Media  |  April 1, 2016

Protecting Hawaiian Kingdom Legacy is Today’s Kuleana

By Walter Ritte |  Honolulu Civil Beat  |  March 8, 2016


Kaiulani Milham

What really happened at the ‘Aha, part I, II, III, IV & V

By Ka’iulani Milham |  The Hawai’i Indpendent  |  March 4, 2016

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Foes of Na’i Aupuni demand ‘pono’ nation building process

By Tim Hurley |  Star Advertiser – Hawai’i News | February 26, 2016


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Na‘i Aupuni’s convention unlikely to craft anything credible or legal

By Anne Keala Kelly  |  Star Advertiser – Island Voice  |  December 20, 201


273Native Americans Warn Native Hawaiians of the Dangers of Federal Recognition

By Imani Altemus-Williams  |  |  December 13, 2015


Sovereignty Narratives:  Conversation with Dr. Kalama Niheu and the Grassroots Institue

Youtube Video  |  December 3, 2015



The Problematic History of Na`i Aupuni

Presentation by Trisha Watson  |  Halawai Aloha `Aina Video  |  November 20, 2015  |  Kaua`i



NOELANI ARISTA 215505_1035781621610_9491_nManufacturing Consent for the Living AND the Dead in Hawai’i

By Noelani Arista and Randall Aki  |  Indian Country Today  |  November 20, 2015

Self-Governance Can Come Without State Or Federal Interference

Na’i Aupuni candidates should not speak for Ka Lāhui Hawai`i, the evolutionary product of years of legal research, community dialogues, meetings and workshops.

By Mililani Bernardette Trask, Lehua Cano-Kinilau and Josiah “Black” Hoohuli  |  Civil Beat  |  November 13, 2015


Coercive Nature Of Na’i Aupuni Process Ultimately Dooms It To Failure

By Jon Osorio  |  Civil Beat  |  November 10, 2015


Sonali Kolhatkar

US Government Asks Native Hawaiians to Legitimize Occupation With Vote

By Sonali Kolhatkar |  |  Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Native Hawaiians fine tune their political voice

ALJAZEERA the Stream  |  November 9, 2015
Article and recorded Video Stream of DEBATE:  Trisha Kehaulani Watson, Joshua Lanakila Mangauil, and others.

ABCHawaiian activists up in arms about election labelled a “private poll” by the courts

ABC Australia Pacific Beat  |  Article and Radio Interview with Shane Pale by Richard Ewart  |  November 9, 2015

Thumbnail photo-meNa‘i Aupuni and stealing a nation — twice

By Anne Keala Kelly | StarAdvertiser | November 8, 2015

JUDY MOA photo smallPress Release:  Judy Moa withdraws as a candidate for Na`i Aupuni

November 8, 2015

By Craig Santos Perez  |  The Hawaii Independent  |  November 6, 2015


Parker withdraws from Na‘i Aupuni election

The Maui News  |  October 31, 2015


Walter Ritte removes his name from Na‘i Aupuni Elections

YouTube Video  |  Hawai`i Kingdom Media  |  October 28, 2015


Roll of Thunder: Lifting The Veil On Na‘i Aupuni

By Trisha Kehaulani Watson  |  Honolulu Civil Beat  |  October 27, 2015


215505_1035781621610_9491_nHe ʻAha Kēia? Is This a Convention?

By Randall Aki  |  Honolulu Civil Beat  |  October 6, 2015



12042980_10205101752719832_7372480041118075483_n.jpgRadio Interview:  John Kane interview with Hale Mawae

Note:  Interview starts at 1:08:15

Let’s Talk with John Kane on WBAI in New York City  |  October 1, 2015

Why I never enrolled in Kana`iolowalu or any other roll

By Ku Kahakalau


Native Hawaiian Election Throws Out All the Rules

By Ian Lind  |  Honolulu Civil Beat  |  October 7, 2015

 International Law Professor Maivan Clech Lam

Na`i Aupuni is undermining Hawaiian Peoples right to self-determination.  
Download  DOI Recognition (pdf)