Manufactured Consent

DOI 2014 Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making

The DOI solicited “public comments on whether and how the Department of Interior should facilitate the reestablishment of a government to government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community.”

  • 5,164 comments were received representing less than 1% of the total Kanaka Maoli population.
  •  1,831 Imua Postcards were submitted in support of the promulgation of DOI rules plus another 1,021 duplicates of those already submitted.
  • The Imua postcards comprise 55% of the total comments received it is not clear whether or not the DOI counted the duplicate postcards.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 6.05.55 PM.png

  • Between August 18-19, the Native Hawaiian Roll Commission submitted 741 mostly unsigned comments in SUPPORT of promulgating rules for federal recognition.
  • Despite 90% of the oral testimonies being in opposition to drafting a proposed rule they were not counted and the DOI has never given a clear answer as to “Why?”.

2015 Procedures for Reestablishing a Formal Government to Government Relationship with the Native Hawaiian community

  • The current DOI proposed Rule does not provide for any land for Kanaka Maoli except for Kahoʻolawe.
  • Furthermore, All federal lands are off the table including 898,637 acres in the main Hawaiian islands and over 88 million acres of the Papahānaumokuākea National Monument.
  • In this round of collecting comments, 54,584 comments were submitted and accepted by the DOI.
  • 50,535 of them were submitted late after the December 30, 2016 deadline.
  • An unknown person submitted 50,475 names which were counted by the DOI on December 31, 2016.
  • It is questionable if those on the list of 50,475 persons gave permission for their names to be submitted to the DOI. It is also unclear if they will be counted in support or opposition.
  • There were 1,639 comments in opposition to the proposed rule submitted through the ʻĀina Lāhui website.
  • Hundreds more individual comments were also submitted in opposition.

Future Action

  • Continue to count and review the 2014 and 2015 comments.
  • Submit a complaint to the DOI demanding they:
  1. Count the oral testimonies.
  2. Donʻt count duplicate testimonies
  3. Disqualify the NHRC comments as questionable
  4. Investigate the 50,000 comments submitted late