Na’i Aupuni Gated 88 Constitution

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• The Kanaʻiolowalu Roll was created by the “State of Hawaiʻi” via Act 195 in 2011 and given millions of dollars by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a State agency, with a goal to enroll 200,000 Hawaiians in order to create a paper Hawaiian Nation.

• By 2013 Kanaʻiolowalu only enrolled between 19,000 and 40,000 Hawaiians so the State of Hawaiʻi passed Act 77 allowing 80,000 names to be transferred over from three OHA lists to the Kanaʻiolowalu Rolls without the free, prior, and informed consent of the Hawaiians on the lists.

• Kanaʻiolowalu then certified and transferred 95,000 names to Naʻi Aupuni, an entity that received $2.6 million dollars from OHA to facilitate the creation of a puppet Hawaiian nation.  Although certified, hundreds on the Roll were deceased.

• Naʻi Aupuni held their ʻAha 2016 from February 1 through February 26 seating 151 unelected delegates from the Kanaʻiolowalu Roll who were tasked with creating a governing document without any mechanism of accountability to the Hawaiian people.

• Naʻi Aupuni required that Hawaiians be on the Kanaʻiolowalu Roll in order to participate in their ʻAha 2016 cutting out between 80-90% of the Hawaiian people.

• The Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha 2016 convened in a GATED, exclusive golf club with heavy security – shutting Hawaiians out of the process.

• The unelected participants voted to exclude non participant observers and to ban a group of Hawaiians from presenting their declaration in person to the ʻAha 2016 culminating in the arrests of 8 Hawaiians for tresspassing on February 22.  The declaration has to date been signed by over 750 people.

• The Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha 2016 participants rushed to create a Constitution in only 20 days which was adopted by only 88 of the original 151 participants.  By comparison, it took the US more than 10 years to write their constitution after their Declaration of Independence.

• The Naʻi Aupuni Gated 88 (NAG 88) Constitution is a flawed document that was created out of a rushed State sponsored process that excluded the vast majority of the half million Hawaiians alive today.


• The Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha 2016 is a State sponsored iniative that violates the Hawaiian peoples collective rights to Self-Determination as defined by the United Nations.  Self-determination is not a right of governments; state or federal agencies.

• The NAG 88 Constitution requires ratification or the rubber stamp of the Hawaiian community to fulfill the requirements outlined in the Department of Interior Proposed Rule to set up a federally recognized “Native Hawaiian” Nation.  The DOI Rules do not provide for the return of lands except for the island of Kahoʻolawe and takes all federally controlled Hawaiian lands off the table.

• If ratified by the Hawaiian people, the NAG 88 Constitution will potentially create a US recognized Hawaiian “sovereign” entity to settle once and for all Hawaiians rights to nearly 2 million acres of National Hawaiian lands aka “ceded lands”.

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