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On February 26, 2016, the unelected participants of the Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha 2016 passed a constitution behind a locked gate and heavy security t federally recognized “Native Hawaiian” nation.  The vote was 88 in favor and 30 against.  This constitution also known as the Naʻi Aupuni Gated 88 Constitution or NAG 88 Con was created out of a process that was NOT PONO and requires the rubber stamp of the Hawaiian community to fulfill the requirements outlined in the Department of Interior Proposed Rule to set up a federally recognized “Native Hawaiian” Nation.  The DOI Rule does not provide for the return of lands except for the island of Kahoʻolawe and takes all federally controlled Hawaiian lands off the table.  If ratified by the Hawaiian people, the NAG 88 Constitution will potentially create a US recognized Hawaiian “sovereign” entity to settle once and for all Hawaiians rights to nearly 2 million acres of National Hawaiian lands aka “ceded lands”… (MORE)

Why you should PROTEST Naʻi Aupuni


  • 1893 the Hawaiian Kingdom was an independent nation that was illegally overthrown by a small group of American Businessmen with the assistance of the US military.
  • 1898 Hawaiʻi was illegally annexed to the US by a joint resolution of US House and Senate (Newlands Resolution) rather than by a Treaty which was required by US law to “legally” annex Hawaiʻi.
  • Approximately, 1,800,000 acres of valuable crown, government and public lands. . . (MORE)

Where did $4 million of Hawaiian trust money go?

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