the Petitions

There are three petitions:

  1. A declaration protesting the “State of Hawai’i” Na’i Aupuni Process and the Kana’iolowalu Rolls as a Kanaka Maoli.  Sign here.
  2. A declaration reaffirming Independence.  Sign here.
  3. A declaration rejecting the Naʻi Aupuni ʻAha.  Sign here.

The reason for three declarations:

Naʻi Aupuni/ʻAha 2016 is poised to negotiate rights for ALL Kanaka Maoli if they succeed in pushing through with their governing documents AND empower a governing body to negotiate directly with Washington D.C.

We understand that not everyone can commit to complete Independence immediately and not all supporters are Kanaka Maoli, but many more can absolutely REJECT Naʻi Aupuni. For this reason a third Declaration has been added urgently to specifically address this and provide more of a LEGAL basis to Kūʻē or Protest this awful process.



4 thoughts on “SIGN PETITIONS

  1. It’s time for Kanaka Maoli to reject and have our own say in what’s going on today with this bogus Fed. Rec. And Nai Aupuni. They, want to speak for me. They NA’I Aupuni do not speak for me and Kana’iolowalu.


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