Why you should protest Na`i Aupuni


Why you should PROTEST Na`i Aupuni


  • 1893 the Hawaiian Kingdom was an independent nation that was wrongfully overthrown by a small group of American Businessmen with the assistance of the US military.
  • 1898 Hawaiʻi was unlawfully annexed by the US by a joint resolution of US House and Senate (Newlands Resolution) rather than by a Treaty which was required by US law to “legally” annex Hawaiʻi.
  • Approximately, 1.8 million acres of valuable crown and government lands of the Hawaiian Kingdom were transferred to the US control without the consent of the Hawaiian people or nation.
  • The Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their cultural and political rights to sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United States, either through their monarchy or through a plebiscite or referendum (1993 US Apology Bill).
  • In 1959 Hawaii was taken off the United Nations (UN) list of Non-Self-Governing Territories eligible for decolonization by the statehood vote, which did not give independence as an option.
  • In 2007 the UN recognizes the rights of all indigenous peoples to Self-determination or to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development (UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).
  • Options for Hawaiʻi as a Nation 1) Stay as we are 2) Federal Recognition by the US as an Tribe 3) Compact of Free Association (like the Marshall Islands) and 4) an Independent Nation. One pathway is to return Hawaii to the United Nation’s list of Non-Self Governing Territories and request that the UN supervise a referendum or vote on the ALL the above options. See UN List of Non-Self Governing Territories here.  A second route is to bring our case before the International Criminal Court.
  • In June and July of 2014, hundreds of Hawaiians testified on every major island at the Department of Interior (DOI) hearings over 90% were AGAINST Federal Recognition and for complete independence, but oral testimonies were not counted by the DOI.

Kanaiʻolowalu Native Hawaiian Roll is not Pono.

  • In 2011 the Kana’iolowalu Native Hawaiian Roll was created by the State of Hawaii through Act 195 and Native Hawaiian Roll Commissioners were appointed by the Governor with goal of enrolling 200,000 Kanaka. See newspaper article here.
  • Kanaʻiolowalu spent $4 million of Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) trust monies but were only able to gather 40,000 (some sources give 19,000) Hawaiians on their rolls.
  • Act 77 in 2013 transferred over 80,000 names from three different OHA lists, Kau Inoa, Operation ‘Ohana, and OHA’s Hawaiian Registry, without their consent! See Act 77.
  • Kanaʻiolowalu’s “certified list” of 95,000 who are eligible to vote and includes people hundreds, maybe thousands who are deceased or duplicates. Most are on without their consent. Many are on the Roll even without their knowledge
  • The 95,000 names on the questionable Roll only represent 18% of all Native Hawaiians.

Naʻi Aupuni Does Not Represent the Hawaiian People

Who is Na’i Aupuni?  And who gave Na’i Aupuni the authority to create and oversee the process of creating a Nation? The right to oversee a process that will decide  who will and will not belong to our future Nation?

  • The Kanaʻiolowalu list was transferred over to Na’i Aupuni, again without consent!
  • Na’i Aupuni was created on December 23, 2014. Since then they have not named a single director or officer, It does not make information about its meetings available to the public. See ‘About’ Na`i Aupuni link here. There is no indication it has ever held a single meeting. According to their bylaws, they are only required to hold one meeting per year. See Na`i Aupuni Bylaws here. Therefore it is entirely possible the organization has yet to hold a single formal meeting. It has not filed for tax-exemption status with the IRS.
  • Despite the lack of history or community trust, the organization was awarded $2,598,000 by the OHA on April, 2015. See Civil Beat Article here.
  • According to Act 195 only Kaho’olawe will be transferred to the new nation created through this process.
  • Na’i Aupuni has not earned our trust to mediate and oversee a process that is a State of Hawaiiʻs strategy to relinquish Hawaiian rights to sovereignty and 1.8 million acres of valuable stolen Hawaiian lands once and for all in a global settlement

Take a Stand

  • Join in the conversation and stay informed on upcoming events on Facebook group:  PROTEST Na`i Aupuni
  • DO NOT VOTE to ratify the Na’i Aupuni Gated 88 Constitution.

For more information or to subscribe to Protest Naʻi Aupuni email protestnaiaupuni@gmail.com